Beautifully Designed & Curated Limited Run Art Objects

Fugi stands for Fine Underground Images, which should give you an idea what we’re about. We’re purveyors of the finest, freshest limited-run 3D art sculptures and 2D art prints.

We work with some of the most interesting artists and designers on the planet, producing unique, limited edition designer toys, art prints and cool accessories for your viewing and fondling pleasure.

Artists We Represent

Robotic Industries

Onorio D’Eprio

Sergey Safonov


Latest News

Lick Of Love
1275 1275 dan

Lick Of Love – Big Licker Custom Art Show

We are so excited to be supporting Lunartik with his awesome new Custom Art Show. The event will be held at RayGun Comics in Richmond London on the 19th of…

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1500 1500 dan

By The Power Of Winterfell

Just in time for the release of Game of Thrones season 7 come more custom He-Man figures from Robotic Industries. You may remember his He-Finn and Battle Jake from a…

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1024 1024 dan

Robotic Industries Presents Milo

The Milo series of robots are used to complete some of the toughest and dirtiest jobs on Dr Brain’s island. Their small stature and virtually indestructible nature means that no…

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2000 2000 dan

Pirate Cosmonaut Moon Foxes by Robotic Industries & Sergey Safonov

The final batches of Moon Patrols have been completed by Sergey Safonov and Robotic Industries and will be hitting on the 1st of August at 6pm London time. Joining…

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