Rising This Valnentines Day!!

Rising This Valnentines Day!!

Rising This Valnentines Day!! 2592 3872 dan

This Thursday the 14th of February at 6pm London Time we see the release of the much sought after The Rising Part II. What better to celebrate Valentines day than a grasping zombie hand being thrust through the earth?

Designed and produced by the legendary Robotic Industries, these amazing 4” resin sculptures, come in a deluxe box, with a set of mini prints, certificate of authenticity and stickers, just like the first release. Also just like the first release, there will be 2 colour variants to choose from, 10 units of each produced, each having 2 chases. Making the chases 1/5 and the regular versions 4/5. The colours for this release are powder blue and fluro green. They will be £30 plus shipping, and will be exclusively first come first served through www.fugi.me.

There will only be one further release of The Rising in its current form, and this will be a ToyCon UK exclusive, limited to 5 pieces, and available from the fugi.me booth. To make this fare and square we will be giving away free lottery tickets and drawing these towards the end of the day, to make sure everyone stands a chance of winning this extremely limited very special release.

We’re also hoping to have some mini-print packs available cheaply through fugi.me shortly after the main release, and who knows me and Jim may spoil you with some extremely limited large format giclée prints.

Happy Valentines!! Mwahahaha!!!