Boba Duck Full Details

Boba Duck Full Details

Boba Duck Full Details 1000 2018 dan

Coming this Thursday (7/2/13) at 6pm London Time. We are proud to announce our next print release. Designed by the amazing UK artist Mimic, we have the Boba Duck print (pictured here). An amazing mash up of Donald Duck and Boba Fett, to Celebrate or Commiserate (whichever you prefer) the purchase of the Star Wars franchise by Disney.

The perfect companion to our Mickey Trooper print.

These hand numbered giclée prints will be available in 2 sizes Large (50cm x 100cm) and Medium (25cm x 50cm) both limited to 25 pieces each. The large costing £30 and the Medium costing £20.

Available exclusively through Make sure you snap these up quick, as the Mickey Trooper print sold out pretty fast!

If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.