KAWS/JAWS Parody Print

KAWS/JAWS Parody Print

KAWS/JAWS Parody Print 1200 1602 dan

Things continue to hot up at fugi.me! 

A short while ago we were approached by the amazing photographer Shifty, to see if we would be interested in releasing his amazing JAWS/KAWS parody image as a large format poster. Of course we jumped at the chance. Great image composition, and an in joke so good, we couldn’t believe it hadn’t already been cracked! We couldn’t wait to see what this looked like on our wall and to give you guys the opportunity to own one!

Coming this Friday (22/3/13) at 6pm London Time. These hand numbered 24” x 18” giclée prints will be limited to 25 copies. 

Priced at £24.99 each, there not going to hang around long. Catch them if you can!

You can check out more of Shifty’s work here on his facebook page please give him a like.