Sergey Safonov Collaboration for ToyCon UK

Sergey Safonov Collaboration for ToyCon UK

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From the beautiful mind of Sergey Safonov we present to you the Govra, The Deity of the End. Haling from Gooma world, which is full of gods, spirits, ghosts and deities of all kinds. You can find her where something ends – at the end of the road, see her at the end of the day or you can meet her when something dies. Govra has a large number of cultist followers, who build altars and praise her, sacrificing sandglasses and rotten fruits. 

Appearing at ToyCon UK we have 2 new Govra’s, Eclipse (black) and Zenith (white). Standing at 120mm tall, these resin masterpieces will be available exclusively from our stand. Each version limited to 5 pieces. They come with a Govra Giclée print priced at £45 each.

We will also have a limited number (20) of Govra Giclée prints available from our stand at £10 each.

Sergey will be making an appearance at the stand at 1pm, should you want to meet the man himself, and get your print and or Govra signed.

Sergey’s work is exquisite, these creatures are totally unique, and the quality of this release is superb. Not that we would expect anything else from Sergey.