Power5 Prototypes Revealed!……

Power5 Prototypes Revealed!……

Power5 Prototypes Revealed!…… 719 600 dan

We are very happy and excited to show you these sneaky images of the Power5 Prototypes.

Robotic Industries have sent these over to Lisa Rae Hansen who is now in the process of casting 25 of each of the 5 designs. These little 1 inch beauties are looking magnificent on all counts.

I have also picked the 5 colours that these beauties will be cast in, Red, White, Blue, Hot Pink and Military Green. 5 of each colour will be produced, and they will be available at ToyCon UK in just 5 weeks. 

Big thanks to all the artists! Alto, Uncle Absinth, Toy Terror, Brett Cloke & Streets of Beige, your artist proofs will be with you real soon.

Exciting Times!!

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