ToyCon UK 2015 – Onorio

ToyCon UK 2015 – Onorio

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Its that time of the year agin, the big warm up for ToyCon UK! Excitement levels are high at

As you may have noticed a few days ago we released details of our line-up. Robotic Industries, JustRobots, Crystal-Jade Vaughan, Ryca, Lisa Rae Hansen & Sergey Safonov. We plan on revealing each artists plans in a separate post over the next few weeks, and then a round-up at the end. But lets start with JustRobots.

Onorio will have 5 robots for us this year. As follows.

We will have 3 of each available at the show, and after that JustRobots will be taking orders.

Onorio will also have a bunch of his new badge design priced at £6 each.

We will also have some special JustRobots surprises, which I think we will keep for the day. But if I were you I would arrive at the booth nice and early.