Sergey Safonov at ToyConUK 2016

Sergey Safonov at ToyConUK 2016 1196 853 dan

We have some fantastic releases by Sergey Safonov for our ToyConUK booth this year. Sergey is coming over all the way from Russia, and will be on hand to sign any of his work you would like to purchase.

Moon Patrol


Cost – £60 GBP
Collaboration piece with Robotic Industries.
We will have 5 pieces at the booth. And a further 10 for an online release.
Release date – 9/4/16
Available from – booth at ToyConUK.


End Of The Man – Mini Black Edition


Cost – £30 GBP
Painted and glazed porcelain mini Godot skull.
We will have 5 pieces at the booth. And a further 5 for an online release.
Release date – 9/4/16
Available from – booth at ToyConUK.




Cost – £10 GBP
Assortment available.
We will have 12 pieces at the booth.
Release date – 9/4/16
Available from – booth at ToyConUK.

More information about the online release coming soon.

ToyConUK 2016 Sneak Peeks….

ToyConUK 2016 Sneak Peeks…. 1136 1136 dan

Brief update tonight, just some lovely sneak peeks of various things we will have on the stand at ToyConUK 2016….

Street Bots – Robotic Industries

Job Bots Silver – Robotic Industries


Full details, prices, run size etc to follow in the next few days.

Not long now!!!!

The Droid Foundry at ToyConUK 2016

The Droid Foundry at ToyConUK 2016 2048 1674 dan

Brand new to the roster, we have The Droid Foundry. Carrying on our underlying theme of robots, we will have 3 releases to present to you at ToyConUK this year.


Hoverdroids have anti-grav engines which enable them to hover and move over any terrain, their rear pulse engine on the central rotating section allow them to gain forward motion and change direction. Their AI units have been both programmed for autonomous and interactive work. They can work independently on tasks and where necessary, within groups, to complete bigger projects.

Because of how they are built to survive all weathers and inhospitable environments, many of these droids have survived in areas of the world where humans have moved away from as a result of climate change.

When left to there own devices these droids can link their AI and start to function and work within colonies, not unlike the modus operandi in ant/bee/termite colonies. Their basic survival programming seems to become more advanced and in many cases droids work together to build large shelter structures.

Hoverdroids will be priced at £25, and we will have 5 or 6 on the stand, each one unique.


Designed and manufactured to work in a number of roles from scouts to engineering, sentry to survey etc. Simple in exterior design they have proved to be both resilient and very adaptable, their roller tracks allowing them to work in many different environment types and enabling them to move very quickly should they need to.

Their AI units are hardwired programmed for the specific role they have been intended for.  Software programming can be used to modify tasking as appropriate to provide adaptability to new situations.  Rollerdroids can be biometrically imprinted which allows them to both recognise the human they are ensigned to work with and follow instructions fully.

Rollerdroids will be priced at £25, and we will have 5 or 6 on the stand, each one unique.


Thought of as vintage now, Droiddogs were a product of the renaissance of robotics all those years ago. Droids, although always thought of as robots, were not limited to human form and Droiddogs were the personal droid to be seen with.

Of various designs and complexity many were just kept as robotic pets but many more were assigned to search and rescue, survey, military, guarding roles.

Droiddogs will be priced between £28 and £40 dependent on size, and we will have a handful available on the stand.


ToyConUK 2016 Approaches!

ToyConUK 2016 Approaches! 1500 874 dan

With only 12 days to go until ToyConUK 2016, its time to announce our roster of artists for 2016! We have…

Robotic Industries
Sergey Safonov
The Droid Foundry
Crystal-Jade Vaughan

And on top of that our very popular bargain bin from last year will be back, but with new stuff, and much more stuff!

Just to get you excited and moist, here’s a slew of images showing what The Droid Factory will be bringing to the booth! (click on the images to enlarge)

Can’t wait to see all your faces!! ……

ToyCon UK 2015 – Robotic Industries

ToyCon UK 2015 – Robotic Industries 2500 2499 dan

ToyCon wouldn’t be ToyCon, without some delicious Robotic Industries releases. And this year is by far the best yet!

As well as some brand new colour ways for the Job Bots, we have a super cool new range, “Kaiju Onslaught”, “KO” for short.

Priced at £50 a set, and super limited, these will be available on a first come first served basis.

Atomic Newt stands at 3″ tall, and comes with a 4″ square base, bundled with a tiny tank and a tiny police car. The clear resin flame can be removed, and the police car fits in newts mouth. We will have 3 sets available on the day, each in a different colour, purple, green & turquoise.

Blobzilla stands at 2.5″ tall, and also comes with a 4″ square base, made from gorgeous clear resin, with a tiny police car floating inside, and bundled with 2 tiny tanks. The bases for both Atomic Newt and Blobzilla tesselate so you can build your own tiny cityscape. We will have 3 Blobzilla sets available on the day, 2 Green, and 1 Pink.

We also have some beautiful new colours for the cheeky little Job Bots, purple and green. Making a total of 4 colours so far, our previous orange, and the exclusive Toy Chronicle blue colour way. We will have 3 Lukes and 3 Theos in Purple, and also 3 Green Lukes and 3 Green Theos available on the day. Priced at only £35 each. Beautifully perfect hand painted resin, bagged with header cards. And don’t forget the Job Bots are interchangeable so pick up a couple and start mixing and matching.

We also have some great surprises from robotic industries on the stand, in the shape of some bargain Mecha Aztecas, some seriously rare DIY Mecha Aztecas, and a sneak preview of Jims very exciting future release.

As usual & Robotic Industries are raising the bar!

ToyCon UK 2015

ToyCon UK 2015 1000 1000 dan

We are very proud to once again have a stand at ToyCon UK. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, now is the time.

Full details of exactly what we are up to, and delicious images of all the goodies we have for you will be revealed over the next couple of weeks. But just to wet your appetites here is a list of the artists we will be proudly representing….

Robotic Industries
Crystal-Jade Vaughan
Lisa Rae Hansen
Sergey Safonov

As you can see its a pretty stellar line-up, I’m not even sure how we are gonna fit everything in the booth.

See you all there.

Modified Wool at RayGun East

Modified Wool at RayGun East 2500 1875 dan

One of the hottest days of the year in sunny London, the UK designer toy “Fam” descended on the shiny new RayGun Comics in Hackney. Beers were drunk, cookies were eaten, badges were pinned, and beautiful custom Wools were purchased. Myself and Penny were overwhelmed by the turnout and support from all your beautiful people, many of you were captured by the talented Gabrielle Motola in the following photos……

Once again we would like to say a massive thank you to all the artists involved, you can see all of the customs in the modified wool section of rotocasted.

Many of the Wool’s sold on the night, but we still have some for sale in the shop section of our website. Take a look, why not grab a one of a kind masterpiece for your toy shelf or cabinet.

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the show, and a massive thanks to RayGun Comics for being so lovely. Hopefully & robotic industries will be putting on a new show early next year.

Release Schedule

Release Schedule 874 620 dan

Hey Guys! Not long now till ToyCon UK 2014, hope your excitements levels are peaking as high as ours are.

Just to give you the heads up heres the schedule for our timed releases….

Rusty Bot – Onorio – 11am
Chunky Bot – Onorio – 1pm
Cybersaurus – Robotic Industries – 2pm
Dead Lolly – Onorio & Robotic Industries – 3pm

All other releases will be available all day on a first come first served basis.

Some news on some last minute additions for you, we have some beautiful print packs by Shifty Toy Photography.

Super limited, with a surprise print in each pack, these won’t be around for long.

We also have a secret release by Sergey Safonov but I’m not allowed to say anything about this one yet, keep em peeled for more details.

Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget your deodorant.

Onorio’s line-up for ToyCon UK 2014

Onorio’s line-up for ToyCon UK 2014 480 480 dan

So ToyCon UK 2014 is only 2 weeks away! Over the next week I will be giving you the full low down on exactly what our booth will have in store for you. No more teasers, or sneak peaks, just the full details.

Today I would like to start by showing you exactly what the amazing “Onorio” has been slaving away on.

First up we have P.A.L. This beautiful robot is a one off, and comes in his own presentation box. He will be priced at £80. 7″ Tall with light up eyes.

Next we have “Rusty Bot”, a charming fellow. Limited to 6 pieces. Priced at £50 each.

Loving this little guy. His name is “Chunky-Bot”. Onorio will have 4 of these and they will be £35 each. Comes packed in a rather nifty little box.

This guy is Onorio’s latest creation, and he’s shaping up to be hella awesome. His name is “Strong-Bot”. We will have just 2 pieces of this guy, priced at £60 each. Presented in his own box.

Next we have the super cute “I Eats Flowers”. There will be 2 of the green version priced at £35, and 5 of the red version priced at £40. The red version comes with its own print. Both versions come packaged in their own boxes.

My favourite piece is this collaboration with Robotic Industries, “Dead Lolly”. 6 pieces each in a different colour. Sold “kaiju style” in bag with header card, a bargain at £35 each.

There will also be a very special “Toy Chronicle Blue” version, only available over at our good friends The Toy Chronicles booth. Again priced at £35 and limited to 6 pieces.

And last but by no means least are these beautiful pins. Priced at only £4 each, we will have 60, these will disappear quickly. I have been sporting one for a little while now and it gets lots of comments. We have named it “God Save The Queen”.

As you can see its a pretty impressive line-up, and thats just the first third of our booth. Lots more news coming over the course of this week.

The Rising Colouring Competition Winner!

The Rising Colouring Competition Winner! 1364 1886 dan

Hey party people, its been a while…. 

If you cast your mind back to May, you will remember our Colouring Competition to win a The Rising in a colour way of your choice, well we are proud to show you all the entrants in reverse order……


Paulo Mendes (Zukaty) - 4 Votes

Paulo Mendes (Zukaty) – 4 Votes

Ivan Napolov - 9 Votes

Ivan Napolov – 9 Votes

URBN 1311 - 9 Votes

URBN 1311 – 9 Votes

Ivan Napolov - 14 Votes

Ivan Napolov – 14 Votes

Mark Treharne - 21 Votes

Mark Treharne – 21 Votes

Neal Trautloff - 41 Votes

Neal Trautloff – 41 Votes

The amazing design by winner Neal Trautloff, was lucky enough to win him this amazing creation by Robotic Industries…..

On behalf of, Robotic Industries and ToyCon UK I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered, and everyone who voted. 

More exciting Robotic Industries news coming soon.