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He-Finn The Human by Robotic Industries Release Details

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He-Finn The Human by Robotic Industries

I know we are a little late on this one, but perfection doesn’t come easy. The meticulous mash-up of He-Man and Finn the Human is finally complete. We know you are hungry for this one so Robotic Industries have been hard at work making sure they have crossed every I and dotted every T. Full details as follows…

Cost – £50 GBP + shipping

Comes on card with – Backpack and Golden Sword of battle

4 points of articulation – Neck, Waist and Shoulders

Limited to 15 pieces – 10 for online release + 5 for ToyconUK 2016

Release date – 11/3/16 (6pm London Time) exclusive.

Adventure Time – He-Finn The Human

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The super talented Robotic Industries has been at it again. You may have noticed if you follow his Instagram, that this fabulous He-Man / Adventure time cross over piece is well under way. Titled “He-Finn” and expected to drop on in January (in a very limited production run). Top quality resin casting by Evan Morgan. Price and more details coming soon, in the mean time you can drool over the images in the below gallery.

Sure to make your jaw drop, and your wallet pop open.

Mimic ToyCon UK Print Releases

Mimic ToyCon UK Print Releases 838 1189 dan

We are so excited to be teaming up with Mimic one last time. This time for ToyCon UK. As you know Mimic has retired, and hung up his, paints, pens and sculpey. His swan song to us, these amazing prints.

Firstly, we will be releasing a twin pack of both his Star Wars/Disney mash-up designs, in 2 brand new colour-ways. Mickey Trooper in pink, and Boba Duck in green. These will be sized at A5 and available in a twin pack. Printed on a thick 350gsm card stock, hand embossed and numbered. Limited to 25 sets, priced at just £5 per set.

Next we have Mimic’s superb Adventure Time design. Only 20 of these will be released. A3 in size, hand embossed and numbered, priced at just £15 each.

All available exclusively at the stand at ToyCon UK. If any are left after the show they will be available online at

I tried to get Mimic to leave is with a detailed hypotheses, but all he said was the following “Its been fun and i wrote a lil song: Deadventure time,
C’mon, stab your friends,
We’ll go to very twisted Lands
Now wake the dead,
And skin the Human,
The Screams’ll never end,
It’s Deadventure Time! “