Power 5 Winners

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OK its with much excitement that I can reveal the winners of our Power5 competition. Firstly I’d just like to say that I am blown away by the not only the amount of entries we received (twenty six) but the quality of all the entries. I think I can honestly say there wasn’t a design that would have caused me disappointment if it had made the series.

So lets get down to business, and in reverse order announce the 5 winners….

At number 5 we have Prisoner Of The Beard! by Uncle Absinthe. With 5 points.

At number 4 we have Mary by Brett Cloke. With 5 points.

At number 3 we have T-Goon by Streets of Beige. With 9 points.

At number 2 we have Crouching Death by Toy Terror. With 11 points.

And finally in the number 1 position we have Brunt Out by Alto. With 18 points.

We would also like to make an honorable mention to Tough Guy by Ash Bellwood. We actually had a 3 way tie for 4th and 5th position between Uncle Absinthe, Brett Cloke and Ash Bellwood. It was however decided that Ash’s design was unfortunately to intricate to sculpt and cast at the 1” size. However we were so blown away by Ash’s developing skills, we have decided to make him his very own one off version of Tough Guy at a much more awesome size! Congratulations Ash, and thanks so much for entering, your design was massively popular in the public vote.

So next I would just like to explain the voting process a little more. As you know everything in the Power5 project revolves around the number 5. We had 5 judges who picked 5 winners each, to eventually decide the 5 pieces that would make the series. So the judges all picked their 5 favorites in order, and we attributed points to each position, for example 5 points to 1st place, 4 points to 2nd place and so on. The judges votes are detailed below….

Jim Freckingham – Robotic Industries
1st Place – Crouching Death
2nd Place – Burnt Out
3rd Place – Mr Winky
4th Place – Tenta TV
5th Place – Nitty Gritty

Lisa Rae Hansen – iBreakToys
1st Place – T-Goon
2nd Place – Burnt Out
3rd Place – Crouching Death
4th Place – Prisoner Of The Beard
5th Place – Plankton

Daniel Perry –
1st Place – Burnt Out
2nd Place – T-Goon
3rd Place – Prisoner Of The Beard
4th Place – Watchdog
5th Place – Crouching Death

Ben Hart – ToyCon UK
1st Place – Burnt Out
2nd Place – TC-13-P5-001
3rd Place – Zlop
4th Place – Mary
5th Place – Baby Ryu

So the 5th judge was the public vote, conducted by using the like button on the images posted in our facebook gallery. These likes were counted up, and popped in order, and given the same scores as the judges so 1st place got 5 points, down to 5th place getting 1 point. These results can be seen below….

1st Place – Tough Guy (106 likes)
2nd Place – Fink (92 likes)
3rd Place – Mary (79 likes)
4th Place – Crouching Death (66 likes)
5th Place – Greg Peck (38 likes)

We created this system to hopefully make everything as fair as possible, and to create a fantastic mini series that everyone will love to get their hands on at ToyCon UK in April next year.

So the next thing to happen will be the collaboration between Robotic Industries and the winning artists to develop their sculpt, before it is sent off to Lisa-Rae Hansen to be cast in 5 different colours. All very exciting.

I would once again like to say a massive thank you to everyone that entered. And everyone who took part in the facebook public vote.

The full details of the project can be read in this post. And if you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure you check out all the entries in this facebook gallery.

Power 5

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We are very proud to release the full details of our 1st ToyCon UK 2014 project. This will be called “Power 5”. The details for the project I have bulleted below, to try and make this easy to follow.

  • We will be releasing a series of 1” resin toys at ToyCon on the 12th of April 2014. These will be launched under the moniker of “Power 5”.
  • Power 5 will be free for anyone to enter their designs for a 1 inch toy. Whether they are a seasoned pro or it’s their first attempt. Entries will be accepted by email (to between the 7th of October and 29th of November. Anybody at all (excluding judges) can enter their design in to Power 5 and you can enter as many times as you like.
  • There will be a team of 5 judges to pick the 5 best designs JazzyDan (, Jim Freckingham (Robotic Industries), Lisa Rae Hansen (iBreakToys), Ben Hart (ToyCon UK), and the 5th of the vote will be decided by the general public (through liking the entries on facebook).
  • The winning designs will be sculpted by Robotic Industries. 1 set of photographic turnarounds will be supplied to the winner to allow for any amendments.
  • They will then be cast by iBreakToys. Lisa Rae Hansen will produce 5 of each design, in 5 colours, total 125 pieces.
  • They will be sold blind bagged at the stand of ToyConUK for £5 each. (If any are left they will be sold online)

• The 5 winning artists will receive a complete set of their design, 1 piece in each of the 5 colors. (This will leave 100 pieces for sale at ToyCon UK)

We are really excited about this project, and would love your help to spread the word, so we can get as many entries as possible.

You can download the entry form by clicking on the below image, good luck!


The Rising Colouring Competition Winner!

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Hey party people, its been a while…. 

If you cast your mind back to May, you will remember our Colouring Competition to win a The Rising in a colour way of your choice, well we are proud to show you all the entrants in reverse order……


Paulo Mendes (Zukaty) - 4 Votes

Paulo Mendes (Zukaty) – 4 Votes

Ivan Napolov - 9 Votes

Ivan Napolov – 9 Votes

URBN 1311 - 9 Votes

URBN 1311 – 9 Votes

Ivan Napolov - 14 Votes

Ivan Napolov – 14 Votes

Mark Treharne - 21 Votes

Mark Treharne – 21 Votes

Neal Trautloff - 41 Votes

Neal Trautloff – 41 Votes

The amazing design by winner Neal Trautloff, was lucky enough to win him this amazing creation by Robotic Industries…..

On behalf of, Robotic Industries and ToyCon UK I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered, and everyone who voted. 

More exciting Robotic Industries news coming soon. 

Win A Rising In A Colour Of Your Choice

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As part of our ToyCon UK presence we organised a Colouring Competition to win a 1 of 1 hand made rising in a colour of your choice. Some of our international customers and fans were slightly disappointed they didn’t get a chance to participate, so being the lovely people that we are, we have decided to open this up to everyone.

All you need to do is download the below image, print it out, and work your magic. You can simply colour it in, you can sketch in your own background and details, paint it, make a collage, find a real zombie, blow his head off and use the blood and guts to decorate the image, the choice is yours. Then just photograph or scan in your finished master piece and upload it to our facebook page. The image that gets the most likes by the 6th of May will win, its as simple as that!

So what you waiting for? Get your crayons (or shotgun) out.

Robotic Industries ToyCon UK Releases

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With only 2 weeks to go till we make an appearance at ToyCon UK, it’s time to give you all the details on what has been keeping Robotic Industries busy for the last few months.

Firstly, we have the last ever official resin release of The Rising. In glorious purple, there will only be 5 of these made and they will all be the chase / bone version. To avoid everyone rushing us when our stand opens at 10am, we have decided to make these available by lottery. Tickets will be available all day from our stand, just come and ask us for one. We will draw 5 tickets towards the end of the convention and these 5 lucky winners will have the opportunity to make a purchase. You will need to be present for the draw. These will be priced at £30 each. As usual, they are 4 inches tall, however we have something different planned for the packaging.

Next we have something completely new from Robotic Industries, entitled “Dead Dog”. This amazing resin sculpture will be limited to 5 pieces, each in a different colour. Measuring 7” x 4” x 2.5” and packed in a presentation box, with a giclée print colour matched to the toy. Priced at £40 each, these will be available on a first come first served basis.

As if we weren’t spoiling you enough already, Robotic Industries have also produced a run of Ethan MK1‘s. These custom Mini Munnys come in at 5” tall, and will be available in 3 colours. Only 6 will be produced, 2 of each colour. With a completely new resin cast head, featuring a movable mouth. These will be priced at £45 each. They will come complete with a rather stunning acrylic display stand featuring laser engraved art by Robotic Industries to compliment Ethan. I have a feeling these won’t hang around long. Again, these will be available on a first come first served basis.

Robotic Industries has also found a limited number of the 2010 NYCC Dr. Brain lurking around in his studio/lab. He will be offering these at a special ToyCon UK price point. Only 75 of this 8” robot were ever made, your chance to own a piece of old school Robotic Industries.

All available exclusively the stand at ToyCon UK. If any are left after the show they will be available online at

We will also be holding a “The Rising” competition. We will have colouring cards available from our booth all day. Help yourself to one, take it home, colour it in, sketch on it, do what you feel. Scan it or photograph it, and upload to our facebook page. Myself and Jim will pick a winner and award you with your very own special 1 of 1 Resin Rising in a colour of your choice. If any of the entries are particularly awesome we may even make them available as giclée prints through the website.

Phew!!! Gonna be an amazing day for everyone at ToyCon UK.