ToyCon UK 2015 – Onorio

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Its that time of the year agin, the big warm up for ToyCon UK! Excitement levels are high at fugi.me

As you may have noticed a few days ago we released details of our line-up. Robotic Industries, JustRobots, Crystal-Jade Vaughan, Ryca, Lisa Rae Hansen & Sergey Safonov. We plan on revealing each artists plans in a separate post over the next few weeks, and then a round-up at the end. But lets start with JustRobots.

Onorio will have 5 robots for us this year. As follows.

We will have 3 of each available at the show, and after that JustRobots will be taking orders.

Onorio will also have a bunch of his new badge design priced at £6 each.

We will also have some special JustRobots surprises, which I think we will keep for the day. But if I were you I would arrive at the booth nice and early.

ToyCon UK 2015

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We are very proud to once again have a stand at ToyCon UK. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, now is the time.

Full details of exactly what we are up to, and delicious images of all the goodies we have for you will be revealed over the next couple of weeks. But just to wet your appetites here is a list of the artists we will be proudly representing….

Robotic Industries
Crystal-Jade Vaughan
Lisa Rae Hansen
Sergey Safonov

As you can see its a pretty stellar line-up, I’m not even sure how we are gonna fit everything in the booth.

See you all there.