Kaiju Onslaught Wave 2 by Robotic Industries

Kaiju Onslaught Wave 2 by Robotic Industries 1136 1136 dan

ToyConUK is only a week away. We have been keeping you in suspense for far to long. So here is just one of the many awesome Robotic Industries releases we will have at the fugi.me booth.

You may remember Atomic Newt and Blobzilla from ToyConUK 2015, both of which sold out on the day. Well these are the follow up (compatible) pieces, Ro-Bat & Ice Claw.

Cost – £50 GBP
Comes bagged and tagged.
Complete with tessellating diorama, and miniature vehicles.
Limited to 11 pieces (4 Ice Claw, 4 Ro-Bat, 3 Blobzilla) available at ToyconUK 2016, and any left will be on the site shortly after.
Toy approx 3” Tall, Base approx 4” square.
Release date – 9/4/16 (6pm London Time)
Available from – www.fugi.me booth.

Not long now, make sure to hit our booth first as always!

ToyCon UK 2015 – Robotic Industries

ToyCon UK 2015 – Robotic Industries 2500 2499 dan

ToyCon wouldn’t be ToyCon, without some delicious Robotic Industries releases. And this year is by far the best yet!

As well as some brand new colour ways for the Job Bots, we have a super cool new range, “Kaiju Onslaught”, “KO” for short.

Priced at £50 a set, and super limited, these will be available on a first come first served basis.

Atomic Newt stands at 3″ tall, and comes with a 4″ square base, bundled with a tiny tank and a tiny police car. The clear resin flame can be removed, and the police car fits in newts mouth. We will have 3 sets available on the day, each in a different colour, purple, green & turquoise.

Blobzilla stands at 2.5″ tall, and also comes with a 4″ square base, made from gorgeous clear resin, with a tiny police car floating inside, and bundled with 2 tiny tanks. The bases for both Atomic Newt and Blobzilla tesselate so you can build your own tiny cityscape. We will have 3 Blobzilla sets available on the day, 2 Green, and 1 Pink.

We also have some beautiful new colours for the cheeky little Job Bots, purple and green. Making a total of 4 colours so far, our previous orange, and the exclusive Toy Chronicle blue colour way. We will have 3 Lukes and 3 Theos in Purple, and also 3 Green Lukes and 3 Green Theos available on the day. Priced at only £35 each. Beautifully perfect hand painted resin, bagged with header cards. And don’t forget the Job Bots are interchangeable so pick up a couple and start mixing and matching.

We also have some great surprises from robotic industries on the stand, in the shape of some bargain Mecha Aztecas, some seriously rare DIY Mecha Aztecas, and a sneak preview of Jims very exciting future release.

As usual fugi.me & Robotic Industries are raising the bar!