ToyCon UK 2015 – Lisa Rae Hansen

ToyCon UK 2015 – Lisa Rae Hansen 2202 1660 dan

The wonderfully talented Lisa Rae Hansen of iBreakToys has once again unleashed the rock legend MegaSeth on ToyConUK. This time with a startling new look. Seth has unleashed his inner dark-side with his MetalHead look. will have 3 Metalhead MegaSeths, each in a unique colour-way. Priced at £50 each, they will come in their own presentation box and the heads are on magnets so can be posed and turned as you see fit.

We don’t expect these to hang around long, so make sure is at the top of your hit list on the day.

See you there.

Special 1 of 1 MegaSeths by Lisa Rae Hansen

Special 1 of 1 MegaSeths by Lisa Rae Hansen 2288 1712 dan

We kept this under-wraps for quite sometime, but as it is all out in the open I finally get to tell you all about it. Lisa sneakily produced 3 extra MegaSeths, all 1 of 1’s to send to her favourite bloggers. This brings the current MegaSeth army to 26 Seths!! This makes the Rock Gods very happy!!

The 1st one was sent to Andy at Toysrevil, you can read his review here. As you can see he was pretty excited.

The next went to Keegan at Trampt. You can check out his great review here, and awesome video review/interview with Lisa here. I think this is my favourite MegaSeth, love the red T-shirt, going to have to convince Lisa to produce a short run of MegaSeths wearing little red T-shirts!

The 3rd and final MegaSeth went to the lovely George and Ayleen at ToyBreak. You can watch their fantastic video review here. George and Ayleen also reviewed a whole host of prints, so make sure you check out their brilliant section on at the 28 minute mark of this weeks show. I’m just glad George didn’t break anything.

Lisa has done such an amazing job with these guys, just wait to you see them in the flesh at ToyCon UK next weekend. The Rock Gods are smiling on us all!!