ToyCon UK 2015 – Onorio

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Its that time of the year agin, the big warm up for ToyCon UK! Excitement levels are high at fugi.me

As you may have noticed a few days ago we released details of our line-up. Robotic Industries, JustRobots, Crystal-Jade Vaughan, Ryca, Lisa Rae Hansen & Sergey Safonov. We plan on revealing each artists plans in a separate post over the next few weeks, and then a round-up at the end. But lets start with JustRobots.

Onorio will have 5 robots for us this year. As follows.

We will have 3 of each available at the show, and after that JustRobots will be taking orders.

Onorio will also have a bunch of his new badge design priced at £6 each.

We will also have some special JustRobots surprises, which I think we will keep for the day. But if I were you I would arrive at the booth nice and early.

Release Schedule

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Hey Guys! Not long now till ToyCon UK 2014, hope your excitements levels are peaking as high as ours are.

Just to give you the heads up heres the schedule for our timed releases….

Rusty Bot – Onorio – 11am
Chunky Bot – Onorio – 1pm
Cybersaurus – Robotic Industries – 2pm
Dead Lolly – Onorio & Robotic Industries – 3pm

All other releases will be available all day on a first come first served basis.

Some news on some last minute additions for you, we have some beautiful print packs by Shifty Toy Photography.

Super limited, with a surprise print in each pack, these won’t be around for long.

We also have a secret release by Sergey Safonov but I’m not allowed to say anything about this one yet, keep em peeled for more details.

Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget your deodorant.

Robotic Industries Line-Up for ToyCon UK 2014

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So last week we gave you the full reveal on what Onorio had in store for you at ToyCon UK next week. So nows its time to spill the beans on what Robotic Industries has to offer…..

First we have The Morlock Of Rock, there are going to 5 of these guys, each sporting a different t-shirt. They will be bagged with a hand cut header card, priced at £35 each.

Next we have the superb “Cybersaurus”. These beautiful T-Con customs will all be 1 offs, each in a different colour. They are going to go quick! 5 will be available, they will be priced at £50 each, and this will be a timed release, dropping at 2pm.

Jim has been keeping this next release under his hat. Not even a name has been given. All he has shown us so far are a couple of sneak preview shots on his Facebook page. All he will allow me to tell you is there will be 6 of them and they will be £60 each.

My favourite piece is this collaboration with Onorio, “Dead Lolly”. 6 pieces each in a different colour. Sold “kaiju style” in bag with header card, a bargain at £35 each. This will be a timed release, and will drop at 3pm.

There will also be a very special “Toy Chronicle Blue” version, only available over at our good friends The Toy Chronicles booth. Again priced at £35 and limited to 4 pieces.

Jim also has a limited supply of Mecha Azteca which he sculpted for Jesse Hernandez. These will be sold at a very special show price of £40 each, and a variety of colours will be available.

So thats the 2nd third of our booth filled to the brim, I’m not quite sure where I’m going to squeeze my releases in, more info on those coming in the next couple of days.

Only a week to go!

Onorio’s line-up for ToyCon UK 2014

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So ToyCon UK 2014 is only 2 weeks away! Over the next week I will be giving you the full low down on exactly what our booth will have in store for you. No more teasers, or sneak peaks, just the full details.

Today I would like to start by showing you exactly what the amazing “Onorio” has been slaving away on.

First up we have P.A.L. This beautiful robot is a one off, and comes in his own presentation box. He will be priced at £80. 7″ Tall with light up eyes.

Next we have “Rusty Bot”, a charming fellow. Limited to 6 pieces. Priced at £50 each.

Loving this little guy. His name is “Chunky-Bot”. Onorio will have 4 of these and they will be £35 each. Comes packed in a rather nifty little box.

This guy is Onorio’s latest creation, and he’s shaping up to be hella awesome. His name is “Strong-Bot”. We will have just 2 pieces of this guy, priced at £60 each. Presented in his own box.

Next we have the super cute “I Eats Flowers”. There will be 2 of the green version priced at £35, and 5 of the red version priced at £40. The red version comes with its own print. Both versions come packaged in their own boxes.

My favourite piece is this collaboration with Robotic Industries, “Dead Lolly”. 6 pieces each in a different colour. Sold “kaiju style” in bag with header card, a bargain at £35 each.

There will also be a very special “Toy Chronicle Blue” version, only available over at our good friends The Toy Chronicles booth. Again priced at £35 and limited to 6 pieces.

And last but by no means least are these beautiful pins. Priced at only £4 each, we will have 60, these will disappear quickly. I have been sporting one for a little while now and it gets lots of comments. We have named it “God Save The Queen”.

As you can see its a pretty impressive line-up, and thats just the first third of our booth. Lots more news coming over the course of this week.